It’s Been a Looong Time…

April 23rd, 2011

Oh my. It’s been 2 years since a post was last done. o_O Must fix that. Well, there have been a few expansions and stuff packs by now and lots of things have been fixed, changed and added. The basement tool for one, which makes basements a breeze and easier to actually play in, what with not having a strange camera angle anymore because of witchcraft and trickery. I haven’t been posting for a lack of playing, I’m totally caught up and have been as they’ve been released. I was simply having issues with my game fighting me and too many custom things.

The Custom Launcher rules for installing .package files. It merges them into a couple files so that it doesn’t take 10 years to load the game. I still need to find something better for sims3package files. Went on another custom binge yesterday too, so should have new links and actual items to link off to.

I’ve also been building again now that I’m not loosing saves from having to reinstall and the save being corrupted from just loading into the game. So, expect some new fun! =D

Zero Punctuation Review

July 2nd, 2009

lawls! It’s been my opinion of how the sims play for a long time. Yet I love building things in it. >.> go me.

Make a waterfall in the sims 3

This is pretty neat and easy to do! Only needs the Moveobjects on cheat too.

In unrelated news: A South African game site has a date of November for the first expansion pack. In theory, there are at least 2 stuff packs and 1 expansion planned for this fall. EA keeping their yap shut about this so far.

The Sims 3 Website

May 29th, 2009

The sims 3 website has updated to the full release site. It’s now useful, HUZZAH! Visit the link on the right and check it out. Mind you, if you aren’t logged in, the flash will crush you if it’s enabled.

BB Waterfront 2

May 24th, 2009

This is a rare one from me: a basement. I usually can’t adjust the plan to work with how the sims needs it done. Furnished for show, it comes in at about $241k.

Three floors on this one. A basement that can be adjusted however is needed. Current set up has 1 additional bedroom with bath. A large recreation room, bath off of it, and a whatever room. Was thinking maybe an exercise room. Hell, could even adjust the basement for an indoor pool. The wall facing the water is set up as a normal wall, not the foundation. This means that you can put things on it without cheating. (As is evident by the windows and door.)

First/main floor has an awesome kitchen and breakfast nook, dining room off the kitchen by the entry/hallway. Living room is to the other side of the front door. Large 2 story great room and master suit finish the floor off.

The second floor has 2 additional bedrooms and baths and a whatever room. The plan calls is a playroom, but do whatever. If I had felt like further being mean to my system, I’d have turned it into an art studio.

Outside has 2 good sized porches, one is covered and has access to the master suit. It also has a great water front view.

Comes with my rainy weather and clean white carpets and dream spiral wallpaper. Anything that isn’t there most likely came from modthesims.