Oh my. It’s been 2 years since a post was last done. o_O Must fix that. Well, there have been a few expansions and stuff packs by now and lots of things have been fixed, changed and added. The basement tool for one, which makes basements a breeze and easier to actually play in, what with not having a strange camera angle anymore because of witchcraft and trickery. I haven’t been posting for a lack of playing, I’m totally caught up and have been as they’ve been released. I was simply having issues with my game fighting me and too many custom things.

The Custom Launcher rules for installing .package files. It merges them into a couple files so that it doesn’t take 10 years to load the game. I still need to find something better for sims3package files. Went on another custom binge yesterday too, so should have new links and actual items to link off to.

I’ve also been building again now that I’m not loosing saves from having to reinstall and the save being corrupted from just loading into the game. So, expect some new fun! =D

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