About the Authors


I’m a 32 year old stay-at-home mom. I have nothing but time on my hands and some of that time is spent making Sims and Sim Homes. I really find that there is something cathartic about making houses.

I generally pull my inspiration from other people’s buildings, mostly the designs used by the Maxis team when they create homes. I love to look at them, and then tweak the designs for maximum livability for my own Sims. Once in a while I’ll also do a search for blueprints or house plans online. I’ve even made a Sims 2 version of our own house, though the unit of measurement is way off.

I’m a huge fan of the cheat-codes too. I love playing God when I do go through Live Mode.


I’ve been playing the sims for a long while now. All of sims 1, sans the deluxe packages. Sims 2, same thing. I’m not much of a story teller or even a modder, but I also haven’t played with mods too much on my own. Other people make much nicer things than I can.

Personally, I like making houses and filling them with stuff.

Most of the stuff I downloads I have are either build mode or hair. Furnishings I get rather extra finicky on. If it doesn’t look nice in game, screw how neat it actually is; it’ll drive me nuts.

I buy home building books and magazines, and adapt them to the sims. It’s kind of funny how alot of houses have almost the same layout. Outside, I try to replicate the picture a bit and then just go and have fun. Porches are especially fun. Trying to hide basements is usually fun, considering how you have to make them.


Cirinde needs to write about herself here. =p