The Sims 3 – Leaked!

May 22nd, 2009

The Sims 3 leaked

As if no one saw this coming after what happened with Spore, the Sims 3 has been leaked. Am just going to wait anyway (as looking at the file size told me it would take until launch to finish downloading anyway. 5.6 gig is a bit huge in my opinion.) as I’m not in the huge of a hurry. This news is still funny, however.

Twin Palms Apartments

May 18th, 2009

I’m trying my hand at this “uploading” stuff. I must be out of my gourd.

Here’s a quick Apartment Building I worked on today. There’s a small variation on the pricing of the apartments that I’m having a hard time figuring out, even though I am pretty sure they are identical to each other. Maybe I messed something up wtih the terrain spray or the landscaping that makes one of them a wee bit pricier.

Twin Valley Aparments – 2×3 Small Lot.

Apartment Prices $2,110-$2,130.  These are small, 2 story starter apartments. Upstairs : 1 bedroom + full bath, loft. Downstairs : Living, Kitchen/Dining and a guest bath + shower. These apartments are suitable for a single Sim or a newlywed couple who is starting a family if  you convert the upstairs loft into a 2nd bedroom. This apartment building features some tropical landscaping and a fenced-in community pool.

Twin Palms Apartments


BB House 8

February 7th, 2009

This is one of the big ones. Two stories with large pool and two car garage coming in at around $133k. Not a starter house if you don’t want to use a money cheat.

First floor has a large kitchen with breakfast nook, dining room, library/study, great room with great view out over the large patio and pool. Also has a spare bedroom with outside access and stairs and elevator to the second floor. Full bathroom and washing room are just off the mudroom from the garage.

Second floor has a bolcany overlooking the great room and it’s view outside. Three spare bedrooms each with their own bathroom. One has a small bolcany over the patio. The master suit is huge. It has a foyer area for gym equipment and closet space. A large bedroom area with a great view, and large bathroom with small viewing bolcany over the garage.



BB House 7

February 7th, 2009

A small hill-side house where i was having fun with porches. Comes in at about $30k. Was going for a kind of “Urban cabin” kind of feel. It’s one-story with one bedroom, bath, living room and kitchen bar instead of a dining area. Though, large porch offers itself for eating outside when the weather is nice.

Since this was built on a foundation, if you want to build a basement, there is room to expand down there.



BB House 6

February 7th, 2009

This one comes with two carpets: rainy weather & clean white. Rainy weather being the new packaged one of the two.

The house is a small two-story on the smallest lot size. I wanted to see if I could reign myself in and do a small started priced house. Coming in at around $16,500, I think I did pretty good as compared to my normal ones of around $100k-$700K. And it does actually have a yard too, big enough for a driveway if you’re so inclined to pop one down.

First floor has a foyer, half-bathroom, living room and kitchen/breakfast nook area.

Second floor has the master bedroom and full bath. Also has a large bolcany off the bedroom.